Dear valued customers,

Our company was established in 1976, having a basic philosophy of business management "to contribute to our country's national security" and since then, we have been engaged in business areas specialized mainly in the following three fields for over 40 years:

  1. Support for Item Identification for military equipment, components and parts.
  2. Support for technical manuals such as Technical Orders and Operation Manuals.
  3. Translation of documents, manuals, reports and information specifically related to military, aerospace and advanced technologies.

For those businesses which require special expertise and many years of experience, we have a wide range of experienced human resources in each field, including people who retired from the Ministry of Defense and the Services. We will continue to promote our business for the future according to our management policy, so we would appreciate your continued support and patronage.


Yasuko Takeda


March 1, 2018

Our website was released.

March 7, 2019

English version was added to our website